Goodbye, linear supply chain. Hello, digital supply network

Ready or not, the death of the linear supply chain is upon us. Supply chains built to deliver reliable, cost-effective results are no longer fit for purpose in today’s digitally driven world. Enter the digital supply network (DSN). DSNs intertwine, even harmonize, four supply chains—physical, information, talent, and financial—that businesses...

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Black swan events: Planning for supply chain resiliency

Major supply chain disruptions, commonly referred to as “Black Swan” events, are high-impact, low-likelihood occurrences that are typically not on your everyday radar. But knowing exactly where your product is in the supply chain is never more important than during these instances. The effects of a hurricane, flood, fluctuating oil...

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Startups seek to shake-up the international freight market

There has been a lot of discussion about whether the Uber model can transform the freight industry. But the technology startups focused on international shipments – ocean or air – are quicker to embrace comparisons to other large tech platforms like Priceline, Orbitz, or Expedia EXPE -0.55%. Max Lock, the...

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Web-based WMS solutions drive automotive supply chain efficiency

By Jim Burleigh The U.S. auto industry is facing the greatest adversity in its history. One segment of the industry, however, has thrived—aftermarket auto parts. This segment has grown exponentially during the economic downturn, as consumers have been forced to repair their aging vehicles instead of buying new ones. In...

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What happens when your warehouse is unplugged?

By John Sterling In warehouses, business as usual relies on steady and stable conditions—but these are not guaranteed. Numerous situations can disrupt productivity: A hurricane or ice storm comes through and knocks the power out for several days. You outgrow your warehouse and have to shut down while you move...

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Empowering companies through integrated data flows

By Bill Fraser Q: What are some key data management challenges in logistics today? A: One key challenge is the different types of information flows. For example, some companies use electronic data interchange; others prefer XML or flat file. The choice often depends on the industry vertical, the company’s capabilities,...

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